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To find your nearest Post Office™ branch, choose the service you require from the dropdown list. Then enter your postcode or your postal town and select 'Search'.
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How do I use this application?
To find your nearest Post Office® branch or Parcelforce Worldwide depot, select the relevant tab and then enter your postcode or town and click 'Search'. The nearest location(s) to you will then be displayed.
What if I don't know my full postcode?
You can either find your full postcode by entering your address in our Postcode finder or you can enter a short postcode, for example EC1. If you are looking for your nearest Post Office® branch you can also search by the name of the town.
How accurate is the Post Office® branch finder?
There are around 12,000 Post Office® branches nationwide, so there is bound to be one conveniently located for you. These results give approximate distances and do not take account of obstacles such as rivers, roads or railway lines.
How do I get further assistance?
If you require assistance in using this site please contact us.
If you require any further information on Post Office please visit the Post Office website.
If you require any further information on Parcelforce Worldwide services or depot locations, please visit the Parcelforce website.
Why can't I see a map in the results?
A map will only be produced if you have searched using a postcode. If the postcode being searched on is the same postcode as that of your nearest branch - no map will be displayed. Alternatively it could be because you have entered the wrong postcode. Use our Postcode finder to verify the address.
I have searched using my town but I did not get any result back?
The branch finder tool only works by searching for your nearest large town. If your town is not showing - please try searching on the town closest to you that is larger than the one you originally searched on.
What is the Post Office® home delivery service?
This is a service for very small communities and enables customers to order a reduced range of Post Office® products and services over the telephone. The products may either be delivered to a customer's home by the core subpostmaster or are available for collection by the customer at a local Drop-In Session.
What is the Post Office Branch Access guide?
As a business that is committed to providing great customer service, we recognise the importance of ensuring that the 12 million disabled people who live and work in the UK can access their local Post Office® branch. In launching this new access guide to our branches we have set out to give customers practical information on the accessibility of our retail network.
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